2008 | Wijster

...2 December 1975.
In the morning, sixteen-year-old Susan detains her father, causing him to miss the intercity train to work. Later that day she discovers he had to take a local train from Groningen to Zwolle, which has been hijacked by a group of young Moluccans...


Director Paula van der Oest

Cinematography Guido van Gennep

Producer Jeroen Beker, Frans Van Gestel

Production Designer Harry Ammerlaan

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Jaap Spijkers, Roos Netjes, Anniek Pheifer, Marlies Heuer, Gerson Oratmangoen, Ambonwhena Aratuaman, Joshua Timisela


Genre Drama, Historical

Costumes Historical 1975

Filming location The Netherlands