2008 | Tiramisu

An actress of a certain age realizes she is no longer the centre of attention. Trying to keep up with her flamboyant life style she gets emotionally and financially into trouble.


Director Paula van der Oest

Cinematography Guido van Gennep

Producer Jeroen Beker, Frans Van Gestel

Production Designer Harry Ammerlaan

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Anneke Blok, Jacob Derwig, Olga Zuiderhoek, Gijs Scholten van Aschat,
Sylvia Hoeks, Rifka Lodeizen


Genre Drama

Costumes Now-a-days

Filming location The Netherlands



Awards and Nominations


2008 Netherlands Film Festival

Won  Gouden Kalf Best Actress Anneke Blok

Won  Gouden Kalf Best Music Michiel Borstlap