1993 | The Baby of Mâcon

The Baby of Mâcon depicts the 1659 staging of a medieval morality play (invented by the filmmaker). Between the play's acts, the film also explores the ‘audience’ in a provincial Italian theatre at the height of the Counter-Reformation and the ‘actors’ backstage. Throughout, the viewer is reminded of the play's audience. And at its conclusion, the on-stage actors bow to their (theatre) audience, who in turn bow to the modern (cinema) audience.


Director Peter Greenaway

Cinematography Sacha Vierny

Producer Kees Kasander

Production Designer Ben van Os, Jan Roelfs

Costume Design Cast Dien van Straalen

Costume design Audience Ellen Lens


Cast Ralph Fiennes, Julia Ormond, Philip Stone, Jonathan Lacey, Don Henderson


Genre Drama, History

Costumes Period 1650

Filming locations Germany, The Netherlands


Awards and Nominations


1993 Camerimage Lodz - Poland

Golden frog Sacha Vierny


Catalonian International Film Festival - Spain

Best Film Peter Greenaway

Won  Best Cinematography Sacha Verny