2012 | Swchwrm

‘My Adventures’ is the autobiography of  V. Swchwrm (9) who has only one ambition: to become a writer, a writer of books that leave people astounded. Two things  are a struggle to him : The opening sentence, ‘for that says it all’  and his intention to fall in love ‘because then the words will come spontaneously’. In secret he practices day and night and finally, at the end  of the saddest day in his life he succeeds.


Director Froukje Tan

Cinematography Harm Griekspoor

Producer Sabine Veenendaal, Michiel de Rooij

Production Designer Karijn van Brink

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Dennis Reinsma, Hans Dagelet, Georgina Verbaan, Kas Enklaar, Rene van t Hof


Genre Family

Costumes Now-a-days

Filming location The Netherlands



Awards and Nominations


2013 Rembrandt Awards

Best Dutch Youth Film Froukje Tan