2001 | Magonia

A father,living on the edge of mental sanity, is visited by his young son. On these visits the father enthralls the boy with three magical fairy tales about a land called Magonia, a mythical place where clouds represent impossible dreams and unfulfilled desires. The stories take them to minarets and mosques, to the desert and the sea where the characters in this imaginary places curiously resemble the people now living in the fathers’ surroundings.


Director Ineke Smits

Cinematography Pjotr Kukla

Producer Valerie Schuit

Production Designer Billy Leliveld, Guga Kotetishvili

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Dirk Roofthooft, Willem Voogd, Ramsey Nasr, Nato Murvannidze, Nodar Mgaloblishvili, Linda van Dyck, Peter Bolhuis, Jack Wouterse, Antje de Boeck


Genre Drama

Costumes Now-a-days

Filming locations Georgia, France, The Netherlands



Awards and Nominations


2002 San Sebastian International Film Festival - Spain

Golden Seashell Ineke Smits


2002 Bogota Film Festival - Colombia

Won  Golden Precolumbian Circle Best Film Ineke Smits


2002 Festroia Troia International Film Festival - Portugal

Won  Special Mention First Work Selection Ineke Smits


2002 Istanbul International Film Festival - Turkey

Won  Golden Tulip Ineke Smits