1991 | Not Mozart | M is for Man Music Mozart

Commissioned for  BBC TV in honor of the the 200th anniversary
of Mozart's death.

A highly avant-garde piece of music, theater and dance, set to an original
score by the Dutch composer Louis Andriessen.


Director Peter Greenaway

Cinematography Sacha Vierny

Music composed Louis Andriessen

Producer Elizabeth Queenan

Production Designer Ben van Os, Jan Roelfs

Costume Design Dien van Straalen, Ellen Lens


Cast Ben Craft, Kate Gowar, Karen Porisk, Astrid Seriese


Genre Drama, Opera, History

Costumes Period 1780 Fantasy

Filming location The Netherlands



Awards and Nominations


1992 Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming - France

Won  Silver FIPA Music and Live Events Peter Greenaway