1992 | Tijd van Oorlog | During Wartime

From the balcony of the Grand Club in Amsterdam, German soldiers unexpectedly opened fire on a crowd of citizens  celebrating their liberation. Authentic photo and film footage, from the Netherlands Film Museum, the Imperial War Museum and the Bundesarchiv, is juxtaposed with dramatized scenes. Wandering through the film are a British soldier, a member of the resistance and a hideaway who tries to keep the war at bay by playing the piano. They all eventually end up on the Dam on that notorious 7th May 1945.


Director Rien Hagen

Cinematography Stef Tijdink

Producer Gerard Holthuis

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Marc Bellamy, Han Oldigs, Joost Kleppe, Pien Savonije, Henk van Iperen


Genre Docudrama, War, History

Costumes Period 1945

Filming location The Netherlands