2010 | De Vliegenierster van Kazbek | The Aviatrix of Kazbek

Marie  is a girl with a more than vivid imagination. On the flat island of Texel she dreams of mountains and collects pictures of them. Being the only girl in a large and poor farmers family during war time, Marie outlives this reality by dreaming. The sudden arrival of a regiment Georgian soldiers changes her life. As soon as the Georgians are stationed at the farm with her family, color, life and love enters Marie's life.


Director Ineke Smits

Cinematography Piotr Kukla

Producer Els Vandevorst, San Fu Maltha, Ellen de Waele

Production Designer Diana von den Vossenberg

Costume Design Ellen Lens


Cast Annamaria Marenka,Madelief Blanken, Kakha Kinsurashvili, Zura Joenti, Dato Roinishvili, Lasha Bakradze, Jack Wouterse, Bert Luppes


Genre Drama, Musical, War, Historical

Costumes Period 1945

Filming locations Georgia, The Netherlands



Awards and Nominations


2010  32nd Moscow International Film Festival - Russia

Won  The Kommersant Newspaper Award Best Film